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About AnWright

AnWright has been providing precision-machined parts for both the
commercial and aerospace industries since 1968. We address a wide
range of applications from the very sophisticated, such as aerospace,
commercial airlines and computer related industries, to the very
simple, including decorative pieces using CNC Screw Machines,
computer programs, and a product line of One Piece Tooling Balls.

We began as a small unit in a rented one-room shop, 1000 sq. ft.
Through hard work we flourished and soon we purchased the adjoining
building complex to grow to 15,000 sq. ft. and filled it with over
80 plus machines and 45 employees. Today many of the founding
employees are still with us, passing on their expertise to the
new generation of AnWright Corporation personnel; thus our philosophy:

"Keep our employees well trained and well informed."

Because of our consistent manufacturing procedures, customers
return to us for their precision parts. We guarantee


for every part that we manufacture.

We have earned the status of source delegate and have been
placed on such programs as "Dock to Stock" with many customers.

We invite you to submit your screw machine, tooling ball or other
turning requirements to AnWright Corporation for quotation by Fax,
U.S. mail or E-mail; or simply call to discuss your special needs.
(See CONTACT page for address and phone numbers.)
"Precision, quality, communication, delivery, attention to detail.

From our dock to your stock, excellence."